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Our tea is a traditional variety existing from Sagara village in Kumamoto Prefecture for a long time and it is a safe and safe delicious tea that has been raised by organic cultivation for over 40 years all.


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We will finish according to your wishes based on the following tea.

Although we do not introduce it here, powder tea is also available.

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First picked tea

Specialty Sencha (Tamaryokucha)

Super Premium Class

Seasonal quantity limited item

I used only the sprout picked up in the spring first, and the tea ceremony finished it with a delicacy.

There is no disagreeable taste, good balance of rich, astringent, bitterness and faint sweetness, is a special selection Sencha.

Enjoy the slow time while enjoying the fragrant scent.

As we use only the tea leaves picked up in only a few hours in the morning of the day that falls on the 88th night from springtime in the Japanese calendar (We call it the Hachijyuhachiya in Japan).

So there are limitations on the number.

1. Varieties: Yamacha (native species)

2. Steaming: deep steaming

3. Burning: 70 ℃ 15 minutes


Sencha (Tamaryokucha)

Premium Class

Using only the best tea of fine quality, craftsmen carefully finished up the selection of tea leaves, withering, steaming, rubbing and finishing burning.

There is no disagreeable taste, the balance of rich, astringent and bitterness is good, premium sencha characterized by high scent height.

It is also recommended as a drinking tea, of course, for use as hospitality or as a gift.

1. Varieties: Yamacha (native species)

2. Steaming: deep steaming

3. Burning: 70 ℃ 15 minutes


Sencha (Tamaryokucha)

Standard Class

You can enjoy refreshing and light taste while hiding the powerfulness of native species.

It is also recommended for people who do not like astringent taste.

Sencha (jade green tea) blended with white folds containing a lot of catechins.

It is a delicious tea you would like to have in a casual way from usual.

1. Varieties: Yamacha (native species)

2. Steaming: deep steaming

3. Burning: 70 ℃ 15 minutes


Deep roast Hojicha

(Roasted tea)

It blends native organic cultivated tea leaves with Shiraore tea.

By roasting for a long period of time at a higher temperature than usual, we finished it with huge tea characterized by super low stimulation that kept the caffeine content to a quarter lower than that of general roasted tea.

Because there is little caffeine, the stimulation is also low, so you can drink as much as age from child to elderly as a hydration supplement for the hot season.

It is a perfect drink to heal thirst on the go with putting it in a water bottle etc. with ice.

1.Varieties: Yamacha (native species)

2.Steaming: deep steaming

3.Burning: 200 ℃ 120 minutes


Oolong Tea

It is Oolong tea using organic cultivated tea leaves of native species.

Unlike commercially available soft drinks, it is a fragrance and taste felt fresh.

The astringency is extremely few, with a scent similar to black tea and a faint sweetness, it is characterized by refined taste refreshed.

Once you drink it you will want to drink again tasty.

Please enjoy the summer cold while floating ice.

1.Varieties: Yamacha (native species)

2.Steaming: -

3.Burning: -