Shizancha Hinokuni-Kuro- Deep Roasted Hojicha


Tea leaves are organic Hojicha using "Yamacha" which is a traditional varietal varieties unique to Japan, which has been growing since this age.

Unlike variety breed seedlings, mountain tea is characterized by a powerful taste.

It is hojicha with super low stimulation which roasted at high temperature for a long time with a strong firepower, and kept caffeine to a quarter of general hojicha, than usual.


About 90 ℃(194℉) hot water, about 1 minute drinking.


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Summer is not a matter of age from child to elderly as hydration supplement for heat stroke prevention.

It is the perfect drink to heal thirst on the go with putting it in a water bottle etc. with ice.

It is organic cultivated green tea that is also recommended for customers who are concerned about the safety of foods in complete pesticide - free chemical fertilizer cultivation.

It is a safe tea widely recognized not only in Japan but also in the organic market in Europe.

There are times when the effect of tea is emphasized sometimes, but both are common to tea, only there are some differences in ingredients.

If you think too much about the effects etc when you drink tea, the taste of the tea at the moment and the relaxing healing effect will be halved.

However, only one thing to worry about is that it is very important to choose a safe tea that does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

As this tea does not contain any extra things such as residual pesticide, please enjoy it with confidence.


■ Product Name: Shizencha Hinokuni - Kuro - Deep roasted Hojicha

■ Product type: Native species single origin(Yamacha)

■ Species: Hojicha

■ Ingredients: organic green tea

■ Place of Origin: Sagara-mura, Kumamoto, Japan

■ Contents: 80 g (leaf type)

■ Expiration date: 1 year 6 months (unopened)

■ Agricultural chemicals: not used

■ Fertilizer: Homemade organic fertilizer

■ Steaming: deep steaming

■ Burning: 200 ℃(392℉) 120 minutes

■ Organic certification: Organic JAS certification SEZ - 26030551

■ Residual pesticide test results (presence or absence of flying pesticide contamination from others): no contamination

■ Radioactive contamination test results: no contamination

■ JAN Code: 4562497240537

Organic JAS Certification on agricultural products and processed agricultural products (tea as products) and residual pesticide test results